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Botha Parish Consultation Meetings

We have now reached the stage when our meetings within our homes begin. The parish is now in our hands. What kind of parish do you want to pass on? What have we to say about the future of Botha? The voice of each single person in this parish is very important. The meetings will be an hour long, someone will lead the meeting, and all views expressed will be recorded and will be gathered together with the contributions from all the other meetings to form a plan for the Parish for the next 3-5 years. Don’t miss this marvellous opportunity to shape the life of this Parish, now and into the future. The following are the names of the Hosts, their telephone numbers and dates of the house meetings. Each house will host 10-15 people. Please phone the Host of your choice to confirm your attendance. If you don’t get your first choice, keep trying until you find a Host that has a space available. All meetings will begin at 8pm sharp and end at 9.15pm.

John Paul II Group will arrange a meeting to discuss the above questions and have their voices heard.

Eileen Treacy, Boho
9th November at 8pm
028 66341748

Aisling Sinclair, Stratore, Derrygonnelly
9th November at 8pm
028 68641425

Angela McCauley, Monea
10th November at 8pm
028 66341894

Liam Jones, Stratore, Derrygonnelly
11th November at 8pm
028 68641400

Resha Rasdale, Drumscollop, Monea
11th November at 8pm
028 66341164

Mairéad McKenna, Long Shot, Derrygonnelly
12th November at 8pm
028 68641828

Teresa McHugh, Boho
16th November at 8pm
028 66341923

Sr. Edel, Monea
17th November at 8pm
028 66341197

Hugh Kelly, Springfield
18th November at 8pm
028 66341486

Patricia Pederson, Springfield
19th November at 8pm
028 66341078

Bernice Swift, Sandhill, Derrygonnelly
19th November at 8pm
028 68641418

Margaret Corrigan, Boho
19th November at 8pm
028 66341521

Aidan Smyth, Caldrum, Derrygonnelly
19th November at 8pm
028 68641247

Imelda Meehan, Derrygonnelly
21st November at 8pm

Seamus Gallagher, Derryvarymore, Derrygonnelly
23rd November at 8pm
028 68641305

Louise McLaughlin, Boho
23rd November at 8pm
028 66341946

Liam Jones, Stratore, Derrygonnelly
(for young people working or studying away from home)
28th November at 8pm
028 68641400