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From Botha to Kitui

For nearly 20 years our Diocese of Clogher was twinned with the Diocese of Kitui in Kenya. This link came about through the Kiltegan Fathers, an Irish Missionary Group who have worked in Africa as Missionaries for nearly a 100 years.

It was always my ambition to go to Kitui as a Missionary for a few years, but that didn’t happen, and after our link died off with the Diocese, I still kept a link with the Diocese of Kitui through one of their Priests, Fr. Nicholas Manzo.

We had spoken on many occasions about bringing out a group of young people to Kenya, just for a few weeks, to experience life in a different world.

After arriving in Botha Parish I mentioned the idea again at a John Paul II meeting and the reaction back then was very positive. After much encouragement the dream became a reality in July 2015. We now plan a return journey in 2017. These are just a few photos of our time there.

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